Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Special Teams

All sorts of goodies dropping lately. Among the bounty: Necco Face, by Michael Carr, Jess Mynes, & Aaron Tieger (Editions Louis Wain); a selection from Sky Brightly Picked, also by Mynes and out sometime this year from Skysill Press; Hassle Number 5, featuring a selection of poems by Whit Griffin; Hospitality in the Forest, by Arlo Quint (Rustbuckle); Vehicular Number 1, featuring J.D. Mitchell-Lumsden & Evan Kennedy's All The Young Dudes (Press Gang); and Anxiety Chant, by Aaron Tieger (Skysill). Everyone should track these down immediately and savor. Here’s a sampling from Griffin:


As A Swarm of Bees To A Brass Pan


Agnostic as to an afterlife, past wrongs

and fitful triumphs kept alive in oral history.

Stretch out in a rocky crag shielded by sycamores

and turn your thoughts to Coleridge, convulsing

in opium withdrawal.


Days spent with the tipsy ballerina who’ll

twirl to any tune. Practicing sympathetic

magic and waiting on the post for word of

St. Germain, aged 538 by popular account,

and last seen in Carroll Gardens.


Anoint the offending axe with fragrant oil.

A fresh fly will find birthroot a worthy

substitute for the carrion flower. There’s

no sport in catching the goat if you own

the field. It’s impossible to be productive

in a house that’s not been properly named.


& while we’re at it, let’s check out a little of the Mynes:


Untitled, 1953


past midday in a

crush crayon green


cracked to virtue


think Spring

inking creeks


I’m only as good

mouthing back



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